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The Littlest God

Kayla Dhankhar
4 min readJun 30, 2020


The gods were up in the heavens one day having a debate because they had a dilemma. The Human race was coming closer to discovering the truths to living the virtuous life, the free life. The gods didn’t want this because it was these truths that kept them in power.

They didn’t want the human race becoming their equals.

They had to discuss where to hide the truths. So they started making suggestions.

One magnificent being suggested they put those secrets in the depths of the deepest oceans. Many thought it was a good idea and they were ready to wrap up for the day and go about their godly existence until the littlest god piped up.

“Hey, it sounds really cool to put those secrets in the ocean, except the human race is evolving in technology and its only a matter of time before they develop a way to dive down and unpack and discover those truths. Then we will have to do this all over again.”

Some mumbling started up and heads nodded in agreement. Another supreme being suggest the peaks of the highest mountain. Someone else pointed out planets or the moon. The excitement was rising but the littlest god kept pointing out that the human race is evolving in its understanding, it is forever curious and it loves these extreme points of the 3D world.

“Lets not hide them where they can potentially find them, lets make sure we place them somewhere we are sure they are not even going to consider.”

Zeus was getting annoyed as he felt his time was being wasted, “Does anyone have a proposal on where it is that we can hide these truths on what it is to live a virtuous flourishing life of love and abundance? This is what the humans are looking for and it seems some are getting close. Some of them are now thinking existentially, where can we hide these truths?”

The littlest god stepped forward. “Much of the human race is looking to textbooks, academia, rational explanations. They are looking at studies and science. They are looking everywhere for the answers to life and they are desperate to find it, eager to know their purpose, and aching to feel what it is to be one with who they really are.”

The gods are shifting around impatiently, knowing the littlest god is right but not seeing any possible place that…



Kayla Dhankhar

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