Five Books I am Reading Right Now

Kayla Dhankhar
7 min readApr 25, 2022
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Are you the type of person that waits until you finish one thing before you start another? Not me, I currently am reading five different books simultaneously. Some people think this is crazy, but reading multiple points of view has led me to some of my greatest insights. Additionally, it means if I am not in the mood to read one book, there is likely another that fits the mood that I am in. Right now I am in the process of reading five very different books. Here is a quick rundown of them.

The Puma Years by Laura Coleman

I came across this memoir completely by accident with Amazon kindle notified me that there were 10 free downloads available for World Book Day. I found I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this text. The descriptions of the Bolivian jungle are absolutely stunning and the adventure described here is something that is hardly possible to imagine in 2022. In a world that is all about sterilization and safety and prevention, I loved the escape into this place where everything goes. Monkeys sleeping in the dorm beds with humans, taking pumas on walks, and fighting forest fires with their bare hands, the volunteer experience that Laura Coleman experienced was out of this world.

I actually finished reading the book before I finished writing this post. Toward the end of the text, she acknowledges that much of the way she lived in that jungle is no longer possible today in a world where everyone is connected to technology all the time. This is a read that I recommend to anyone who loves real-life adventure. Even better, if you buy her book, most of the proceeds go to CIWY, a Bolivian NGO that manages three wildlife sanctuaries and gives homes to animals rescued from illegal wildlife trafficking.

I really enjoyed the personal insights shared in this memoir, and I am looking forward to digging into another one that was shared for World Book Day called North to Paradise by Ousman Umar.

Good Citizens by Thich Nhat Hanh

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