Energy Wings — What are they?

Kayla Dhankhar
7 min readSep 29, 2023

Have you ever sensed the emergence of ethereal wings from your back that feel like energy wings? Maybe you are curious about this phenomenon. You’re not alone on this path of transformation and awakening. It’s a unique sensation, and I’m here to guide you through it.

What are Etheric or Energy Wings?

Etheric wings, also known as energy wings, represent a profound connection to the Divine. You may experience them as physical sensations in your back up near your shoulders. The sensation may range from subtle pressure to occasional back and shoulder discomfort. Some describe it as a buzzing energy moving through the body.

From my understanding, this pressure and discomfort is caused when the heart chakra opens to a point where it is ready to connect up through your back to your higher chakras. The movement of this energy from your back up to the upper chakras creates the flow of energy that gives the perception of wings. Some people are able to tune in and see other people’s etheric wings. You can practice different techniques to be able to see your own.

It's important to be aware that children may have the ability to see them, so if a child asks you about your wings, you may want to prepare ahead of time what you would like to share with them.

These wings may symbolize spiritual growth, protection, and your unique mission on Earth. With time and practice, you will learn what your wings are here for and how you are meant to be using them in this lifetime.

Why am I Experiencing Etheric Wings?

Of course, the question arises as to why these etheric wings exist. Why do some people experience them while others never will? The reasons can vary for each individual, but here are some common factors:

Spiritual Awakening

Energy wings often emerge during a spiritual awakening journey, where you experience heightened awareness and personal transformation. They especially seem to show up when an individual has been doing a lot of work on themselves. For some people, this is shadow work, and others intense meditation programs. Whatever way you come to experience your etheric wings, know that it is an important part of your…



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