Beliefs for Energy Tools to Work

Do you have conflicting beliefs?

Kayla Dhankhar
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Are you thinking about trying energy healing but unsure if your belief systems align with the field? Let’s do a quick overview of what the underlying beliefs are that make energy tools effective. If you find you align with some of these beliefs, your options for treatment will expand!

Bodies are essentially made of atoms which are made of energy, so bodies are made of energy.

Our bodies are more complex than the systems that we studied in Biology in school. Energy rules most of what goes on in the body. We measure the energy of the heart or the waves in the brain. Do you ever consider what other energy is keeping your body stable? Eastern Medicine describes many more energy centers and pathways for energy like meridians and chakras. You don’t have to be an expert on these energy centers. We can multiply the options we have to encourage our bodies to heal simply by accepting that they are made of energy.

The body is designed for healing.

First of all, in the energy field, we believe the human body is very intelligent. It is able to heal itself from anything and everything. What causes us to get sick are blockages to the flow of energy in our bodies. The body wants to return to balance. So, we help it out by removing the blockages to the natural flow of energy. Then it can continue the healing process unimpeded. If you expect your body to heal itself, then it will. If you expect that you will need a doctor and lots of tests and procedures, then you may create that experience. So why not try on the belief that your body is on your side? It wants to do its best for you. Your body is always healing itself.

All the information we need to heal is in the subconscious mind.

When we use the conscious mind to diagnose ourselves, we often don’t get very far. Most of the information about the ways we block our own energy is not available to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind…



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